Trustees’ Speak

A dynamic economy generests the need for compliant managers who are capable of meeting the challenges in today’s fast paced and competitive educational environment.

Manrakhan Mahto B.Ed. college groom their students in a manner that they become capable of meeting these challenges . The collage has a guiding philosophy to integrate globally with the object of imparting education and dissemination and application of knowledge to create a synergetic Impact.

With this belief we are committed to continually engage ourselves in a relentless pursuit to improve upon our performance and enhance college’s position in the best B.Ed. college in India.

Rajendra Prasad SinghTrustee

Manrakhan Mahto B.Ed. College is conceived under M R M Educational trust as a progressive body of dedicated individuals and registered in 2008.

The initial agenda endeavored to provide high quality and best system educational Training facilities in the region.

Our aim to forward educational interest and well being of individuals challenged by the lack of quality education . By imparting good education Training, We can play a vital Role in growth and development of education in our country.

Our mission and vision is to develop our students into capable and intellectual leaders, who can solve as able and resource any where in world of education.

Birendra Nath OhdarTrustee

Governing Body

Firstly, I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all students and Firstly, I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all students and parents, both present and prospective, who have shown a keen interest in Manrakhan Mahto B.Ed. College.

Manrakhan Mahto Chairman

MANRAKHAN MAHTO B.Ed. College, Kedal (BIT, More) has been established to encourage Teacher Training Education To develop the educational system and environment of the state of Jharkhand and India.

Manoj Kumar Director

I believe that teacher education has the most critical role to play in the progress of a nation. “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”. We ensure that the rock solid foundation.

Dr. Sarbani BiswasPrincipal

What student say ?

It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I want you to know that I have learned so much from all of your constructive input and guidance throughout each lesson of the course you have helped me to understand where my strengths and weaker aspects lie, and what area of my answering question I need to pay attention to. Thank you for getting my assignments back to me as promptly as you have, and thank you for making this course so enjoyable result.

Komal Kumari B.Ed. Student

Great experience from MRM Bed College. You get a lot of opportunities. Work hard to get it. Be prepared for everything. Maintain your attendance.

Namita B.Ed. Student

why study plus ?